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Hey girl!

We're so glad you're here

We're Emma and Julie, a couple of moms, outdoor enthusiasts and business partners.

Growing up, we both had influential men and women in our lives to inspire us, teach us and encourage us to get outdoors. This helped shape the women we are today and instilled a passion in us that we intend on passing down to our children and theirs, the way it was to us.

As we venture further into the outdoor industry, we've recognized a void and while we are represented well by the outdoorswomen in the industry, we are the minority. While we are recognized, we are not always encouraged. While experiencing our own setbacks as outdoorswomen, it became even more important to us to connect our passion with purpose.

So, we created nortHERn co, a brand inspired by the strong and resilient women of the North. The ones who grew up hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. The providers. The ones whose grandmothers taught them how to dress a deer or tan a hide, as their grandmothers did before them. Our mission is to not only empower women, but to create a community that inspires and encourages women of all ages to form and explore outdoor passions. We are determined to help you conquer intimidation, fear and insecurity and ignite a fire that brings out your inner outdoors. 

Join us on our adventure, we have big plans!

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