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Bring. Them. With. You!

Bring. Them. With. You.

What do I mean by that exactly? Let me explain.

My daughter was born in the summer of 2021. Babies born in 2020 and 2021 have become so affectionately referred to as “Covid babies”. On top of the anxiety surrounding being a first time mom in a pandemic, there was the stress of being a first time mom IN GENERAL. That stress, in my opinion, is totally natural and common for all moms. Another common part of pregnancy, especially first time pregnancies, is the abundance of advice and the comments that are capable of sparking added stress.

“Your life will never be the same”

“Say goodbye to your free time”

and for avid outdoor moms,

“Kiss hunting season goodbye!”

I’ve heard this multiple times. As this was my first baby, I started to believe them and wonder if I would ever be able to manage being a new mom and my love for the outdoors. Would I really not be able to participate in my beloved deer hunt? Will I have to sacrifice my ice fishing weekends? Are my trips to camp over for the next few years?

Will you face more limitations? Yes, of course. But, the real answer to those questions is… NO! One of my favourite quotes is by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and states "There is no such thing as bad weather, only appropriate clothing". I apply this to our outdoor adventures because there may be more preparation, equipment and time restrictions BUT it is not impossible!

My last fishing trip during my pregnancy was while I was 9 months pregnant. My first fishing trip as a new mom was when my daughter was only a few months old.

She is now 8.5 months old and here are a few mommy and me things we’ve accomplished so far: (Photo Below: Travelling to an ice hut on Killarney Bay with bouncer in sleigh)

  • Multiple ice fishing adventures, including a trip to a brand new lake close to home!

  • Winter bonfires out on the ice and bonfires out in the bush

  • ATV and Snowmobile rides

  • A morning hunt for Ruffed Grouse

  • Trail walks and hikes

While I spent so much time worrying that my passion for the outdoors would be put on a back burner until my daughter was older, I forgot to remind myself that becoming a mom does not mean changing who I am. Instead of seeing limitations as road blocks, I learned to embrace those things and work around them! There are a few more steps when it comes to planning, a few more safety precautions and some extra equipment, but it is all so worth it.

I get to share these amazing adventures with her and they make them so much more special. Until she is old enough to decide what her own passions are, she gets to share mine.

Some days it will be too cold for them and some days it may be too hot. Some days may be too rainy or too snowy. You will “miss out” on some things. But, I’ve learned to take those days to reflect on all we have accomplished together so far. When she looks back at photos of her first years of life, she will see that my outdoor life didn’t end when she was born, it got more exciting! She will get to tell her friends that her first ride on a snowmobile was at 6 months old; that she met her first Northern Pike at 2 months old; and that at 7 months old, she was featured by Cabela’s after spending the day fishing in an ice hut.

(Photo Above: Fishing Nepewassi Lake for the first time)

We bring these little people into the world and it is our job to love them and protect them. It is also our job to help, guide, and teach them. I get to spend every day and every new season showing my daughter the great outdoors. I hope to teach her about conservation and protecting the incredible wilderness that she was introduced to at such a young age.

Every adventure as a new mom has made me appreciate them SO much more.

If you take anything from this, I hope it inspires you to bring them with you. I promise that you won’t regret it and they will become some of your most treasured memories. (Photo Right: Having a nap in her sleigh at a winter bonfire in the bush)

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