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Get To Know The nortHERn Girls

We're SO happy you're here! Let us re-introduce ourselves. We’re Emma and Julie, two friends, moms, outdoors-women and business partners!

Together, we created nortHERn Co.

If you’re here because you aren’t familiar with our company, Hi! If you’ve been here before, welcome back!

NortHERn Co came together during one of our mat leave coffee dates. Two moms searching for a project, a creative outlet, an excuse to get outside more and meet others who want to do the same.

As women of the outdoors ourselves, who discovered our passion in the Northern Ontario wilderness, we wanted to create something more than just a product. We wanted to create something that empowered like minded women with all levels of experience to follow their passions free of fear and judgement. Exploring something new can be so intimidating especially in a male dominated industry like the outdoor industry.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t supportive and encouraging outdoorsman. But, it is a natural assumption for people to hear the words hunter, provider, gatherer, trapper, angler, etc and think “man”. While the professional women in the industry represent us well, we are under represented when it comes to numbers. We want to change that.

With that, nortHERn Co was born. Our mission is to inspire, build confidence and provide experience for women who are passionate about pursuing an outdoor lifestyle. We hope to bring out the “inner” outdoors in women and defy gender roles in the outdoor industry. While we have merchandise available, our main goal is to build a community of outdoors women from all levels of experience with a safe environment to express and pursue their interests. We have plans to create workshops and experiences where women can feel comfortable exploring their interests in the presence of like minded women. A place where we can all learn something from each other.

The nortHERn Co brand is inspired by the women of the North. The ones who grew up hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. The ones who learned how to operate an ATV or a snowmobile before their first car. The ones whose grandmothers taught them how to dress a deer or tan a hide. The ones who put the HER in northern. It’s for these women and for the women, young and old, who want to learn how. It’s for our daughters and our granddaughters. It’s to show the world that we are strong, we are independent and we are capable. We’re nortHERn girls.


Julie is a working mom of two beautiful boys. Growing up in Mattawa, ON, Julie was introduced to the outdoors at a young age by her dad. Today, she loves fishing, hunting, quadding and anything that gets her outside! In the summer, you can find her at her camp, sitting on a dock, tossing a line with her boys by her side!

Emma is an environmental educator and a new mom to a little girl, a dog mom to her beloved pups and a chicken mom. Growing up in the GTA, Emma spent her summers at her family's camp in Northern Ontario which she always considered home and now lives in the Greater Sudbury area. The Killarney wilderness is what has inspired her love for everything outdoors.

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