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Getting To Know: Rayna Davies

In today's feature of the InspHERational Women of the Outdoors blog series, we catch up with Rayna Davies, an outdoor enthusiast with a variety of outdoor passions and small business owner from Peace River, British Columbia. We became acquainted with Rayna through her shop, Silver Spur Boutique located in Northern BC. Get to know more about what has shaped her into the avid outdoors woman she is today, the passion behind her small business and what the outdoors means to her !

1. At what age did your passion for the outdoors begin? Was there an influential person in your life that inspired you?

From the moment that I could walk, my endless passion for the outdoors started. It had first begun with horses and playing with my brother and uncles in the woods. Then it was fishing and learning how to drive ATVs, which then led to shed hunting, hunting and so much more. I was influenced by so many people in my life, the biggest being my mom, dad, and Brandon.

2. British Columbia is definitely on my bucket list to visit one day! I can imagine living there provides quite the adventures. What is it like to live in Northern BC? What is your favourite part about it?

I believe that everyone should visit British Columbia at least once in their lifetime, you will be blown away from the mountains and the lakes! Living in the north has so much to offer for the outdoors enthusiasts... as long as you're okay with the frigid temperatures.

3. Does where you live play a role in how active you are outdoors?

I've almost been up here for 6 years now and my favourite part has to be the unlimited amount of land to explore and the opportunities that it offers. All year long you will have something to do; shed hunting in the spring, picking berries in the early summer, hiking into secret fishing holes, boating on the hottest days, and hunting in the fall. This valley has shaped me into the person I am today.

4. Being an avid outdoors woman and hunter, what is your favourite animal to hunt and what is your favourite hunt to date?

Choosing my favourite animal to hunt is definitely tough but I think it would have to be whitetail! I have truly dedicated myself to them honestly, being able to document their growth on my game cameras has become one of my favourite hobbies. Nothing will beat harvesting a mature deer that you have watched grow up over the last few years. But my favourite hunt might have to be my moose hunt from 2020, being able to hunt an animal of that size is unforgettable.

5. Why is hunting important to you?

I know hunting can be hard for some people to understand and it's completely okay to have a difference of opinions. But for me, hunting is so much more than taking a shot. It has taught me patience, discipline, and respect for the land and the animals. I look forward to teaching our daughter everything we know in the future, I'm so proud to offer her such a unique lifestyle.

6. Let’s talk about a different passion of yours! Your western boutique! Tell us about it, what inspired you to open a boutique and how has the journey been so far?

Almost exactly a year ago, I started up my western boutique. Entrepreneurship runs in my family so the urge to own a business comes naturally to me, and I have hopes to make it my full time job. One day, I had decided that the only thing holding me back from my dreams of owning a business was myself and no one else was going to do the work for me. So, then became Silver Spur Boutique.

7. What types of products do you sell?

Apparel, accessories, spa products, and household items all made from Canadian vendors. (Including our nortHERn line!)

8. As an avid outdoors woman and small business owner, you are inspiring to the female outdoors community! Do you have any words of encouragement when it comes to the outdoors/chasing your dreams?

I'm a huge advocate for chasing your dreams despite what people tell you, as I have often experienced negative opinions, unfortunately. Women are capable of so much and we should never underestimate ourselves. Set a goal, put your mind to it, it may take time (all great things do) but put your heart into it and get the job done. If you discipline yourself you will go a long way. Follow along Rayna's outdoor adventures @rayna__davies on Instagram and make sure to check out her boutique online, Silver Spur!

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