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Getting To Know: Sydney Boroskae

In today's feature of the InspHERational Women of the Outdoors blog series , we catch up with Sydney, one of our brand representatives! Sydney is a 21 year old Chinese/Ukrainian outdoor enthusiast from Manitoba, Canada. She explains her love for the outdoors as never feeling more at peace with herself than she does on a trail, in a boat fishing or cooking up a good meal at camp. Sydney also practices mindfulness and yoga, something has impacted her life tremendously. Get to know more about what fuels Sydney's outdoor passions below!

1. When did your passion for the outdoors begin?

At a young age! I was fortunate having grown up with a cottage to visit every summer. Vivid memories of berry picking with mom, watching my uncle chop firewood while I fed the chipmunks, teasing my brother because he'd be the one to get poison ivy, getting thrown off the tube behind the boat and then finally being old enough to drive the quads down the powerlines.

2. Was there anyone specific who inspired you to pursue outdoor activities/passions?

Definitely dad, my parents separated when I was 11, a time I hardly spoke to him. Gradually we met for dinner, on occasion that turned into picking up frank's pizza and fishing the docks of selkirk, then quickly you'd find us hiking to the falls to catch sturgeon, 4am calls to go ice fishing and most of all I cherish our trips island camping in Northern Ontario. He encouraged me to start an outdoors page, I owe all my knowledge and thrill for fishing to him! Thanks dad.

3. How has where you live influenced your interest in the outdoors?

Canada has so much opportunity for outdoor activities! I'm grateful to truly experience all four seasons and the ability to get out of the city within minutes. Manitoba in particular has the master angler program which encourages anglers to get out there and fish with rewarding trophies and certificates.

4. I think Manitoba gets overlooked as such a beautiful province because people compare it to the scenic mountain views of Western Canada. Living and exploring Manitoba, how would you sell it to someone who had never been there before?

Manitoba offers great diversity from the beautiful boreal forest and lakes to the east, the rolling hills and parkland of the west. It is a shame we often get overlooked; but the diversity alone is remarkable!

5. As a company, our focus tends to be on our own personal passions which are centred a lot around hunting. You participate in/ have many outdoor hobbies! What gets you outdoors and what would you say your favourite is? I'm always eager to get outdoors and experience everything this beautiful life has to offer. Hunting is a new interest I am hopeful to expand on in 2023. I'd like to start by harvesting some grouse. I get outdoors because it grounds me, keeps me in tune and comes naturally. My favourite way to get outdoors isn't the most exciting, however accessible to me everyday that's going for walks! With my dog, a friend or on my own.

6. As an outdoors woman, what advice do you have for other women that are interested in pursuing their own outdoor passions? We have nothing to lose and the world to see. Outdoors is a space for all, there is endless beauty to explore. Pursuing an outdoors hobby I believe is crucial these days with the large presence of the online world, it is practically impossible to avoid. I, like many other women, work an office job. This can buildup energy and the need for adventure, have your skin kissed by the sun, or to get your hands dirty! I strongly encourage others, especially women, to value every outdoors opportunity to be wild!

Following along Sydney's outdoors journey @syd.adventures on Instagram!

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